Pu Lal Thanhawla


Lal Thanhawla has been the Chief Minister of Mizoram since December 11, 2008. He successfully contested the 2008 Mizoram Assembly Election in Serchhip and South Tuipui. His party, the Indian National Congress, resoundingly won that election with 32 MLAs.

He is the son of Hmartawnphunga Sailo and Lalsawmliani Chawngthu. He completed his Matriculation in 1958, his Intermediate Arts in 1961 and his BA in 1964 Aizawl. He currently resides in Zarkawt Veng, Aizawl.

Lal Thanhawla started his career as Recorder in the office of Inspector of Schools in the District Council. After that, he joined the Assam Co-operative Apex Bank as Assistant. In 1966, he joined the Mizo National Front as Secretary till 1967 when he joined the Indian National Congress party after he was released from jail in Silchar. In 1973 he was elected Party President. In 1978 and 1979 he was elected as a Legislator in Union Territory Elections. In 1984, under his Leadership, the Congress party swept the state and he became Chief Minister. In 1986, when the Peace accord was signed between India and MNF, he gave up his Chief Ministership as party of the agreement to Pu Laldenga. In the first State MLA elections of Mizoram in 1987 he was elected as Chief Minister and continued to serve as Chief Minister after being re-elected in the 1989 and 1993 Elections. He lost his MLA seat in 1998 but got it back in the 2003 elections. Currently he is elected from both Serchhip & South Tuipui Constituency.


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 1. Name
Lal Thanhawla
 2. Date of birth
19th May, 1942
 3. Place of birth
Presbyterian Hospital Durtlang, Aizawl,  Mizoram, India.
 4. Present Address
Chief Minister's Bungalow, Mc Donald Hill,  Zarkawt, Aizawl, Mizoram, India.
 5. Permanent Address
A/14, Zarkawt Main Street, Aizawl, Mizoram,  India.
 6. Educational Qualification
Bachelor of Arts.
 7. Marital status
     a) Name of spouse
Lal Riliani.
     b) Number of children
One son and three daughters.
 8. Political Party Affiliation
Indian National Congress.
 9. Hobby
Reading and Gardening.
10. Special interest
1) Games & Sports
A keen sportsman represented High School, College, Mizoram and Assam in Football & Hockey. Play Badminton, Carrom, Volley ball, etc. Was founder-President, Mizoram Sports Association; Mizoram Football Association; Founder- President, Mizoram Hockey Association. Founder - Secretary, Mizoram Boxing Association. Started Mizoram Olympic Association in Mizoram and President till date.
Chairman, North East Olympic Commission (under Indian Olympic Assosiation) Member, Executive Council, Indian Olympic Association.
Founder - Secretary, Aijal Amateur Athletic Club
2) Journalism:
Was Founder-President, Mizoram Journalists Association. Was correspondent, The Assam Tribune. Was founder - Editor, Mizo Aw - Mizo vernacular daily. Was Editor of Congress Party daily 'Remna Palai'
11. Social Activities/Experience
a) Started Young Mizo Association in
 Zarkawt Veng, Life Member, Central Young  Mizo Association.
b)  Was Secretary, Central Information  Forum.
c) Was Founder-Secretary, Aizawl Dramatic &  Cultural Society.
d) Was Chairman, Literacy Committee,  National  Development Council, India.
e) Was Vice President, Prohibition Council of  India, New Delhi.
f) Member, Congress Working Committee; and  President, Mizoram Pradesh Congress  Committee since 1973 till date.
g) Was Member, 9th Finance Commission  of lndia.
h) Member, The Shillong Club Ltd. and Country  Club of India, Hyderabad, New Delhi.
i) Life Member, Evangelical Fellowship of India and Bible Society oflndia
12. Favourite Pastime &  Recreation
(a) Listening to soft music, blues, folk songs, oldies and classical music. Reading  books and magazines on  various topics
(b) Visit to Gym & Health Club.
13. Countries Visited
Europe, United States of America (including Hawaii) United Arab Emirates and its  neighbouring Arab countries, China, Thailand,  Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hongkong etc.
14. Political Activities
(a) Joined the Indian National Congress in  December, 1967. Appointed Secretary, Mizo  District Congress Committee
(b) Appointed General Secretary when Mizo  District attained Union Territory and District  Congress Committee was upgraded to  Pradesh  Congress Committee.
(c) Was first elected President, Mizoram  Pradesh Congress Committee in 1973 and  held  the post till date, except for briefperiod.
(d) Mizoram was afflicted with insurgency for 20 years. He initiated peace talk between the underground Mizo National Front and the Govt, of India. Voluntarily offered his Chief Ministership to the underground leader to usher in lasting peace and tranquility in Mizoram. Accordingly, Mizoram Accord was signed between the Underground Mizo National Front and the Govt, of India under the leadership of Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister.
15. Dates of election and period
(a) First elected to the State Assemby in 1978 and became Opposition Group Leader.
(b) Re-elected in 1979 after Mizoram was under brief spell of President's Rule and became Leader of Opposition Group again.
(c) Elected in 1984 and became Chief Minister. Resigned voluntarily in August 1986 to pave the way for signing of Mizoram Accord for ushering in lasting peace in Mizoram, but was compelled by Rajiv Gandhi to become Dy. Chief Minister.
(d) Elected again in 1987 and became Leader of Opposition. Govt, led by Laldenga, MNF dissolved after being reduced to minority and imposed President's Rule.
(e) Elected again in 1989 and became Chief Minister.
(f) Re-elected in 1993 and became Chief Minister.
(g) Elected again in 2003 and became Leader of the Opposition.
(h) Elected again in 2008 and became the Chief Minister for the 4th time.
16. Sports
(a) He has led Indian delegation of Indian Sports Administrators to Kuwait City in "International Conference on Sports and the Environment."
(b) He has also led Indian Wushu Team to Rome at International Wushu Competition and bagged 4 Gold, 5 Silver and Bronze medals
(c) He has also represented the Indian Olympic Association in Singapore on 'International Conference on Sports and Cultural Relations.'
(d) He has represented the Indian Olympic Association in the Olympics in 2004 at Athens.
17. Awards
He has been recipient of a number of Awards including 'National Citizens Award' in 1994 from Mother Teresa; and 'Mother Teresa Lifetime Achievement Award' in 2009.